Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Women FIlm Makers Making Action Film!!

Recently, Kat Candler (Writer/Director of Jumping off Bridges) and I were talking about the scarcity of women film directors, when we came to the realization that of that small group, even fewer were directors of action films. Kat and I sensed a challenge and decided to write, direct and produce “Ninja James and the Beast Boy,” a funny, gritty, action packed short film (think Crank and Kung Fu Hustle) that centers around one man’s attempt to make it across town in 15 minutes, or else! Along the way he must negotiate with teen drivers, gang guys, a granny that that won’t be pushed around and the ominous Ms. Burchette. Whoever says action films can only made by men will have to reconsider after they see our film!

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