Friday, September 05, 2008

There's a new button in the neighborhood. You might have seen it to the left of this blog entry. It's ovalish, and orangish and is says DONATE in enticing black letters. I know I don't usually put these kind of buttons or even advertisements on this blog, but I've come to the stark realization that it's going to take a village to help fund our film Ninja James and the Beast Boy. Just so you know, everyone associated with making this film is donating their time and equipment. I'm not making any money and although I wish it was otherwise, no one else is making money off of it either. It's a creative effort to show that women filmmakers can make a kick ass action film with heart. It's about how a parent will go to the ends of the earth for for his kid. It's about seeing the humor in everyday craziness.

So if you believe in the village approach to support filmmakers, please throw a few quid towards the paypal account and know that I love ya for it.
Thank you.

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