Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Movie Love!

Can I tell you how much I dislike the chain video stores?! Everything is the same and the old films are in lousy condition. The last two I rented from Blockbuster, “Fugitive” and “War Games”, were both scratched and we could barely finish the film due to the skipping and stopping. Very frustrating! I drive over there, spend too much time looking for what I want, they don’t have it and I end up leaving with a movie I don’t want and a big bag of Twizzlers. I love Twizzlers. Twizzlers for me, make watching a film a complete experience. Going to Blockbuster is not a good experience. It’s always a hassle, even with Twizzlers.

So… I have signed on with Netflix. I’m so excited. I signed up for two movies at a time and in a mater of minutes picked out 20 movies. Goodbye Blockbuster, Hello Netflix!

I’ll just have to grab a bag of Twizzlers next time I’m at the grocery store and hide them in the pantry until Friday movie night.

This looks like love, yup, movie love!

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