Sunday, March 23, 2008

blog surfing

I love to Blog Surf. It ranks right up there with House Lust. Since I don't have everyone listed in my favorites sections. I go to one blog and then jump to another.
Here is my latest surfing/jumping for this afternoon.

Start with Kat

jump to Stacy

jump to Confessions of a Pioneer Woman

jump to Smitten Kitchen and lost my place, so I

start again with Kat and

jump to Ben

then jump to Owen Egerton.

Start back this time with Stacy and

jump between A Dress A Day, Adrienne Dawes, Kelly Rae's Art and Post Secret.

It's now getting late, so I take a quick look at my blog - Yup still here!

Checked my email for the umpteenth time.

~The End~

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