Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Break 2008

Just got in from Monterey and San Fran. I forgot how much I love and miss the bay area. Of course had to start at my favorite spot - Monterey Bay Aquarium. Then we scooted up to the City. Stopped by my old place in San Carlos, and showed Little Guy where he was born. Took kids to Muir Woods where we hiked about with old friends, then to Alcatraz (funny - I never went there all those years I lived there!), kids and I walked all around North Beach and China Town and spent a day at the Exploratorium. Whew!

Here are some pics of aquarium and Monterey Bay area:

Really big Dolphin Fish. Also known in the restaurant bizness as Mahi Mahi.

Photo by Big Little Guy

Photo by Big Little Guy - Scared school of sardines, look like they're exploding.

Photo by ~L (These are upside down jelly fish. They swim so they stay on the bottom of the ocean floor, with their tenticles facing up. Their mouth parts are colored green and blue and look like sea grass. Incredibly cool!)

Sea Lions photo taken by Big Little Guy. There are sea otters just beyond the frame of this picture.

The Lone Cyprus on 17 mile rive has become such a land mark (tourist attraction) , that folks in charge are doing everything to keep it perched on the outcropping. Even building it a retaining wall with support wires. I'm glad I saw it before it was "saved."

Here are some pics of Monterey,17 mile drive, and Carmel as seen through the eyes of Little Guy:

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