Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Old Phone vs. New Phone

Got a shiny new cell phone. Sleek, racing red and super duper fancy shmancy. It has all kinds of fun, must have functions. Video, Picture, web access, games, maybe even an editing bay. So it’s a bit complicated. Actually, I don’t understand it at all. Perhaps I’m behind on the learning curve, but I can’t even get it to wake me up in the morning. And well, I miss my old phone. It was a sturdy little work horse. IT was faithful and when ever I needed it, it was right there in my purse or pocket. Yes, it exploded when ever it was handled too roughly, and it had the bad habit of making three or four numbers for one push of a button, but I knew it and it was usually there when I reached for it. Unfortunately, it’s problems continued to get worse and I realized it just wasn’t working out.

Argh! I miss my old phone!

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