Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Movie Embarrassment

Kat suggested we do this , so… here goes.

Most Embarrassing Movies Blogathon. (Please add this to your blog and make a link)

Movies you’re too embarrassed to admit you have never seen: The one film that I always avoided getting into discussions about was Shindler’s List. When it came out, everyone was going on and on about it, but I couldn’t (and can’t) bring myself to see it. Even now, I have guilt about it.

Movies you’re most embarrassed to say you have see: I am truly embarrassed to admit I saw Good Burger. A painfully painfully bad film (but the kids liked it, so what do I know?). As for a movie that’s more well known, I guess that would be The Master of Disguise.

Movie you’re most embarrassed to say you have seen and loved: Fried Green Tomatoes! I loved that movie so much, I took my mother and I cried all over again, even though I knew the story. I’m such a sap!

Movie you’re most embarrassed to say that you have seen and hated. I don’t know about hated, but I wasn’t blown away by “Little Miss Sunshine.” Perhaps it was because of the huge hype leading up to it, but I was really disappointed. I did love the acting. Very Good! But not the story.

Most embarrassing scene from a movie that scared you as a kid and even to this day: Modified answer here because I can recall seeing only one scary movie when I was a kid and I know it wouldn’t scare me now, so…

When I was a kid, I am embarrassed to say I was scared out of my wits by the movie “Impulse” starring William Shatner. The babysitter took me to see it. Back then, I had such a crush on Mr. Shatner and I didn’t know it was going to be a scary movie. Sure enough though, there he was on the big screen, horribly running over someone in his car (repeatedly?) and being all evil to a little girl, who was just like me!

I never looked at William Shatner the same way again

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  1. Leslie,

    Movie You SHOULD See: "Stop-Loss." You got screen time, babe! (More than I did; yep, they dropped my speech.) You're sitting with your gal pals watching the ceremony, smiling in the sun. Nice profile, by the way. Made me think fondly back to that time -- hotter than blue blazes, but I met some interesting folks (you're included, of course).

    Hey, maybe the DVD will have deleted scenes!

    Take care --
    David K.