Saturday, June 21, 2008


I’ve been working on a poem now that I'm pretty excited about. Only two or three more stanzas, then some tweaking, then perhaps move a few lines around to see what flows better, more tweaking, etc.

Then I’ll subject Mr. Spouse to yet another read aloud. Then I’ll give it to Lauri to look at and offer notes. Then grab Stacy before she heads out again to places unknown and get her clear thinking on it. Then on to Kat - who will tell me “dude, this is definitely a film!” And I’ll know she’s right. Even now this poem has been finding little ways to try to turn itself into a short story, which will then lead to a screenplay.

My writing process: idea to poem, poem to short story, short story to screenplay, Screenplay to thinking I can make a film, make a film to FEAR!!! ….WHOA! No! Not going to think about that. Nothing like overwhelming oneself with what is going to happen and how hard it may be, to squash the thrill and fun of the creative process.

So I’m going back to my poem that is making me very happy. J

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  1. i'm back from places known and unknown metaphorically and literally, and I can't wait to read your poem!