Sunday, November 09, 2008

Filming Day 2

So the idea was to get a little bit more sleep this morning. And I really wanted to sleep an extra thirty minutes. but I couldn't. At 4am, I was up and going and again, got to the set earlier than my 5:30am call time. No problem though cause Will, who's house we were using for our location, was also up.
This morning's shoot was so easy compared to yesterday's. Simple set ups, shots, action etc. Oh, so easy. I was beginning to feel completely unnecessary. Then lunch, and off to the next location where we set up for extras, etc.
Once at the next location, Curtis, our lead actor, basically ran and ran and ran, for the rest of the afternoon. He ran around corners, down streets, around people and through a group of adorable school children. There must be an hour of footage just of him running!

No doubt, we were really tired by the end of the day, but the weather had been so beautiful and everyone seemed to have had a great time on set. The footage looked great and the crew again impressed me with their enthusiasm and skill.
Overall, it had been a great day to shoot a film!

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