Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday- Getting Ready. Part 1

To get ready for tomorrow's shoot, it was important that today, everything run smoothly from the get go. There was a ton of stuff to do and not a lot of time. Unfortunately, I awoke to a God awful smell and discovered that during the night, my old dog had become a canine Jackson Pollock of poop. Talk about a waker-upper! So after cleaning that up, I raced the kids to school, grabbed a cup of coffee, met my Associate Producer Scott to go pickup our prop car, dropped it off at Sunday's filming location, drove him to Uhaul to get our moving van, and then almost died twice from panic. First attack happened when I went to pay for the moving van and discovered I had left my purse at Starbucks. The second time was after Scott had called ahead and a Starbucks employee assured him that they still had it, but when I asked for it at the counter, he said someone just claimed it. I had been punked by a starbucks employee and he thought it was pretty funny. I bet he wouldn't have thought it was funny if I strangled him!

Anyway, I didn't die and neither did anyone at Starbucks, and I got my purse back, so back to getting ready for the shoot.

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