Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Two of Me and Guilt

There is the "producer" me and the "family " me. And juggle as I might, they just don't mesh very well. Is there ever any balance?
Maybe I've gotten back into this too soon. Little Guy is only 10 years old. He still wants me to volunteer at his school, do arts and craft projects with him and snuggle on the couch and read books and tell stories. At 15, Big Little Guy is getting to the stage, where I really need to keep an eye on him! But working on a film is awesome too. Meeting new people, pushing myself and moving past my comfort level, seeing something materialize through a team of talented people. It's like magic really. But for some reason, I can't seem to do both as well as I would like and one area always suffers for the other.
Damn, I think I have guilt. argh! no! guilt!


  1. I don't think the tug-of-war ever diminishes between producing/creative/personal work and parenting. Our daughter is now 19 months old, and I've thought to myself, 'Don't get active again as a producer until she's at least 3.' And, how did I come up with 3 as a magic number? Why not 5? Or, 8?

    But, things appear. They bubble. They call to you and your singular talents. Are we supposed to wait until our children are adults before doing other meaningful work? I don't have the answers, certainly. And, I can relate to the guilt.

    Parenting is so important and so rewarding!

    But, I also have a sense of your artistry and capabilities; and, I think it's awesome you're producing Ninja James. It seems like a perfect evolution for you!

    So, you'll re-jigger the balance as needs be.

    Now go keep kicking some producing butt!

  2. Hi Lorie!!
    Re-jigger the balance - my new mantra!