Monday, November 03, 2008


This morning, I was only going to glance at my emails as I hurried out the door. Just check it briefly, see if there was anything super important to deal with and out I go. I had things to do, places to go - film folks to meet up with, find money/donations for the film, price a few items that are needed for the set and if, just if I had time, stop by DSW to check out their latest batch of shoes. (have I mentioned I love shoe shopping!) Anyway, when I opened up the inbox there were about 30 emails yelling at me to be answered. So I sat down and started answering a few and then the strangest thing started happening. For every email I answer, three more came back. I'm not talking about spam or a glitch in the system either. It was like there was some strange reproductive process going on behind the send button. So many emails kept popping up in my inbox you'd think it was a veritable love fest! EGAD!

The funny thing about being a producer, on a small indie film, is that producing is really the "Do Everything" job. I mean, I'm swamped and I'm delegating like crazy and hoping the director, associate producers, design team, craft services, camera dept, and my sweet family don't go crazy. Perhaps the term movie magic should refer to how takes a bit of magic from everyone involved, to bring an indie film to the screen.

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