Friday, February 23, 2007

The Carter Center!!!!

I am more than happy and proud to announce that “jumping off bridges” is going to have two screenings at the prestigious Carter Center in Atlanta Georgia for the Georgia Mental Health Forum. Even though I was thrilled at the DC screening in conjunction with NIMH, I have to admit, this by far takes the cake. I’m not sure if I am able to go, but if it works out, I may get to meet First Lady Roselyn Carter.

I just gotta shout it out it - OMG!

That the film is going to the Carter Center, leaves me positively elated. Just think, I am a part of something that is reaching so many wonderful people. People that the film helps and people that see the potential in the film for helping others. Given that my late father directed his energies to helping others who were often unable to help themselves, the connection to me and this film boarders profound.

I helped make this happen. The Carter Center!

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  1. we don't call Leslie tenacious for nothin! She rocks it!