Sunday, February 11, 2007


Of course my little guy is fine now. Only a couple day’s of cold/fever. Which means he missed a lot of school and was totally ready for the weekend. Figures…

So spouse takes the kids for the weekend and I have the house to myself for a whole 24 hours!

What do I do? Movies and Twizzlers!

Finally rented:

Devil Wears Prada – Fun film, made me wish I had more clothes and fashion sense.

Little Miss Sunshine – A very cute and quirky film. Didn’t feel like an “Indie” film though…humm...

Capote – I loved it. Fantastic film!.

Then, what with it being vey late and having stuffed myself with twizzlers (groan), my brain had completely stopped working, and at 1am, started channel surfing between Batman 3 and Taxi Driver. (bad, bad combo) Totally overdid it.

Overall though, a really great Saturday night!

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