Sunday, February 18, 2007

Good day and great day

Today was a really good day, that was very close to being a really great day.

What started it off on the great side, is that I got to sleep late (8am). The weather was fantastic and I got to ride motocross and see my kids ride. Wonderful family time. What almost made it into a very bad day, was that I didn't realize there was a race today, which I wanted to go to, so I could cheer my friends. I really feel like shit on that one. But then I got to play some soccer with my friends and that bumped the day meter back up to great. Unfortunately, after 15 minutes, I was breathing like a 3 pack a day smoker and I don’t’ smoke! (O.K. back to the gym tomorrow!) One other thing about playing soccer, I’m way too competitive (at least when I can breath)! I was so worried that I would hurt or trample my sweet dear friends. Of course they are all film makers and therefore tough as nails, but still...

Sitting around the tree afterward, talking and spending time, was super good.

Came home and the kids were ready with hugs and kisses and of course that made everything right.

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