Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Guilt Day

Valentine's Day.

Yet another commercialized, Hallmark card holiday. I think I dislike it so much because its very nature is one of manipulation: Get the cards, buy the flowers, don’t forget the chocolates. I think it should be called Guilt Day.

But here’s the problem. Secretly, I really love it. I love giving lovie cards to my hunny and giving the kids the chocolate covered strawberries. I love getting them too (and let’s not forget the flowers). At my kids school party, it was absolutely adorable to watch all these little kids open their valentine cards and carefully read them, as if each card had been hand made and written in gold ink. Then when I got home, the boys wouldn’t let me come into the other room for over an hour as they worked on my “surprise.” Finally, with great pomp and circumstance, they unfurled a banner proclaiming their love for their mom, in popsicle sticks and sparkles.

Leave it to your kids to totally sweep you off your feet!

So, yes Valentines Day is a manipulative, commercialized holiday. But what’s not to like about flowers, chocolates, and messages of life long love.

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