Monday, February 19, 2007

Our mouse died.

She was all white except for a bit of black fur around her back legs which made it look like she was wearing low-rider pants. She was very sweet and gentle. She’d nudge your fingers or shirt sleeve and this earned her the name of “Nudgie.” Her cage was next to my desk and out of respect for my need to work without interruption, she would quietly busy herself staying trim on the exercise wheel, or work on redecorating her living room. If there was a lull in my work though, or I just needed a break (or I had too much coffee) we would converse at length about screenplay ideas, what’s going on with the kids, different actors, or you know, girl talk.

She often liked to sit on the outside top of her cage, and watch me work or look out the window. It was just an understanding between us, without having to say anything, that she didn’t really want to go anywhere, but having a choice to stay or go, was in itself an act freedom. She was like that.

We have another mouse. A golden colored one named Sunny, who is equally as sweet natured. But for some reason, they didn’t get along. I would have thought they would have been best friends. Maybe they were jealous of each other or that one slighted the other and they never moved past it. Who knows with mice, or anyone else for that matter. The thing is, you would think Sunny would be happier to be the queen mouse around here now that Nudgie’s gone, but I have noticed she has been on the sullen side. Less wheel, not too interested in her favorite foods. That sort of thing.

I’m a little sad too.

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