Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Got Inked

I never thought I would get inked. But today I got three that are small and indiscreet. I know, whoa me! I'm such a rebel! Already I've shown them off proudly to Mr. Spouse and the kids.
As it turns out though, they were not nearly as impressed as I had hoped. Probably because they're not anything cool, like moons or Chinese proverbs or tiger marks. Instead they are just three small dots. I know, kind of a let down.
But I had to get them because today I got mapped by the a CT scan and my tiny tats are marking where the radiation machine is to be positioned to know where to radiate me.
So, if you see me, do me a favor. When I show you my little ink dots, just pretend to be impressed. Those little dots may not be a big scary dragon wrapped around my waist kind of tattoo, but they are a really big deal to me.

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