Monday, August 03, 2009

Waiting for tomorrow.

Wait wait wait, tap tap, wait wait wait, drum drum drum...
Tomorrow I find out the results. Radiation, and/or chemo? Big cancer, little cancer. Whoa, lot's of scary thoughts zipping around.

Thanks to Lauri for making me get out of the house today.
"You need to get out of the house"
"um ya"
"How about getting some lunch?"
"uh, no thanks"
" a movie?"
"um, I'm not sure..."
"Then let's take the kids to a movie and grab some lunch afterwards. O.K. let's see what's playing."
She knew I would go if she included the kids. She's smart like that (and persistent!). So a 3D IMAX movie and lunch. It was great to get out of my head, out of these thoughts. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful friend.
But now I'm back. Wait wait wait, dum, de dum, la de la de dum (yes, I actually hum when I'm nervous)
O.K. time to read another book!

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