Saturday, August 08, 2009

Shout it out!

Cancer is a really scary word. A word that has its own kind of evil power. Just saying it makes me look over my shoulder like I was calling death to sit with me. Not that I'm particularly superstitious, but it's like saying a curse or something. So to banish its power, I found I'm saying it all the time. When the kids are out of the house or I'm driving around town, I shout it loud and clear, CANCER! CANCER! CANCER! My hope is that by saying it enough, getting used to the sound of it, perhaps the fear it instills in me will loosen and fall away. It's the only way I know that makes me feel like I'm the one in charge here. I am the stronger one and I'm the one calling all the shots. It's my way of looking cancer in the eye and saying don't F**k with me!

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