Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Lucky is my middle name!

All of my tests came back clear. I don't have cancer anywhere else in my body. I'm a stage 1. A STAGE 1 !!!
This is almost unheard of for my type of cancer. I caught it very early. I only need to go through radiation therapy. I have a type of buzz that's not quite describable. My Oncologist was beaming. Mr. Spouse said I'm so incredible lucky, that I should play the lottery. I told him I already had and won the jackpot. I know it sounded corny has hell, but sometimes you just have to revert to lousy dialogue when you're in shock. A good shock. A "I'm having a hard time believing it's true" kind of shock. A "It's Wonderful Life" kind of shock and I'm George Bailey, but instead of shouting "Merry Christmas" I'm shouting "I love you man!, I love ya!!"
But I also feel very humbled. So right now, I'm going to sit with a hot cup of tea, watch my two beautiful children as they read their books and know I'll be able to watch them for many years to come.

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  1. Such good news! Thinking lots of good thoughts for you. You'll kick this things ass and then send it to the moon!