Monday, August 17, 2009


I know it’s early for New Year’s wishes, but how about Beginning of the School Year hopes? Like, I really hope that this is going to be an easy peaceful year. I’m sure this is all because of the uncertainty I feel about life these days, but it’s funny how I find myself hoping for such a wide range of things. For example, I hope the cancer goes away, and that I don’t come across another lump any time soon. That my youngest kid is happy at his school. That I hope we’re making the right choice by moving our older kid to another school that’s closer, less stressful and easier on the family. I really hope we’re doing the right thing. I want to finish this screenplay I’m working on and I hope to finish up a short film in the next month. I hope I don’t get really sick and scare the kids. I hope I get back on my feet super fast and land a lead part in a major motion picture (Hey, If I can hope for anything, I might as well go for it!). And lastly, I hope that everything just works out all right.


  1. Leslie, dahlink. I send you thoughts and wishes for nurturing, unconditional love, protection, and gratitude. I'm sorry you've had this huge scare, and I'm happy that your prognosis is so encouraging! Happy thoughts, light and love. Lorie

  2. stacy7:47 AM

    me too and it will.