Thursday, August 03, 2006

End of summer

It’s almost the end of summer and there are a few things I’ve gotten used to that I know I’m going to miss terribly when school starts. Having my coffee and checking my emails, while the kid practice their violin and piano, first thing in the morning. The seemingly non stop shrieks and squeals of laughter from them playing tag through the house and finding safety on my lap or under my desk, as I work on Storie Productions. Accidentally stepping on a few toy arm men in the darkened living room as I lock up at night, only to find, after I’ve limped over to turn on the light, that I’ve stepped into a great battle field of carefully placed forces, stretching from the front door to the back patio. Sleeping late and then letting them in my bed to snuggle and not jumping out of my skin, when they put their freezing little hands on my tummy. I am sorry that summer is almost gone. I have cherished it.

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