Saturday, August 12, 2006

The New Year is Now.

Most people start their year on January 1st. My year starts on my kid’s first day back to school. That is when I reflect on the previous year, go through all that has happened and take stock and tally of my life. It is when I look at my kids and see how much their bodies and minds have stretched and grown, see if I’ve done a good job at this parenting thing. It’s when I prepare for the explosion of school activities and the inevitable firsts in my kids lives. It’s a looking forward to possibilities.

It’s when I try to see if I have let time slip away from me (again) or I have allowed myself to live in the moment. See if I have captured any of those moments, and held on, for just a little while, before realizing they have, in fact, slipped away like the year.

It is goodbye and sadness. It is eagerness and hope. Like I said, my year starts on my kids first day back to school.


  1. I just ran across your blog and I saw that you said you were an did you get into acting?

  2. Hi,
    My mother was an opera singer and I grew up loving the arts. I always new I wanted to act or sing, but was afraid to pursue it during the college years, was too afraid of becoming the starving artist cliché. I got a "practical" degree and after being miserable for a few years, went back to school for theatre training. Now I spent my time being a parent, writing, acting, and working for a film company. Thanks for checking out my blog. I never thought anybody really read it!
    If you get a chance, try to catch our film "jumping off bridges."
    Take care,

  3. I never knew you got a practical degree first! good for you. I love the first day of school, those days are behind me for now, there's college coming up, but there aren't any more school supply lists and boxes of crayons.