Friday, August 25, 2006

Cora Cardona and David Kroll

The heat was so horrid, that at every chance we got, we'd hang out in an air conditioned lawyer's office, which was facing the street where the filming was taking place.

Sitting with me is Cora Cardona and
David Kroll. Cora is an actress, director, producer, playwright and well, you name it. She started the Latino theatre scene in Dallas and is the artistic director and founder of Teatro Dallas . She has this warm, supportive positive energy that is enveloping. I wish I could work with her everyday.
David played the minister to perfection and I loved watching him. He hails from Austin and has been in several things as well. I am so glad I got to be in the last scene with him. Everyone was super tired, hot and ready to put our feet up, but his jokes kept coming (even the bad one!) and it was a great way to wrap up the day. I have to admit, normally it's pretty had for me to get the giggles on a set, but man, did I get them bad with David! I still laugh thinking about it.
Hi Cora!!


  1. Leslie, y'know how when you're really starving almost anything tastes good? I think something similar was going on that day: the heat was so debilitating that anything funny was going to SEEM more hilarious than it deserved to be! Thanks for posting the photos.

  2. O.K., I’ll cede, that some of the really bad jokes just might have been funny due to heat related exhaustion. But the whole "hand and the serious face" thing, well, it still cracks me up!
    Perhaps I have permanent heat related injury?

  3. It's quite possible you are indeed so afflicted. PHRI is a recognized medical condition (recognized within the humor community, that is). In the early twentieth century, American proprietors of comedy venues routinely raised the temperature of their establishments to uncomfortable levels in an effort to make vaudevillians appear more entertaining than they actually were. As a result, an entire generation grew up believing in the hilarity of seltzer bottles, baggy pants, and cream pies in the face. Still, take heart: your condition is treatable. Try performing the "hand and face" bit in front of a mirror several times daily. Allow yourself to be "caught" in this act by family members who openly question your sanity. Then repeat to yourself, "It was just the heat, it isn't funny... It was just the heat, it isn't funny..." Good luck.