Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Untitled Kimberly Pierce Project

Hello to everyone that I met on the set of the Untitled Kimberly Pierce Project!

I would like to extend a thanks to so many of you that maintained a professional attitude and for just being kind, while shooting outdoors in 100+ heat.

To Heather Collier – You are an awesome agent!!!!

To Beth Sepko, Casting Director – Thanks for pulling my headshot!!!!

To KP- I can read lips.

To Scott – You went out of my way. Thanks.

To Tim Olyphant – Nice to meet you. Yes, the heat was a bit much.

To Ryan Phillippe, Truthfully, we didn’t actually meet, but we did say hi.

To Channing Tatum – Thanks for not having a big ego. You could have but you didn’t’. I know the GI’s really appreciated that!

To Joseph Gordon-Levitt – I looked, and yes, it was a really touching last scene.

To Josef Sommer – Seems like you really loved this Texas heat!

To Elizabeth – Girl, You are crazy! Fun. Good luck in LA.

To Joy – Thanks for the company. Ps. I’d leave the senator!

To David Kroll – Very nice meeting you! Did you hear the one about…

To Cora Cardona – You are such a wonderful person. I’m so glad I got to meet you.

To Glen Mormon - Thanks for being kind, the AC was great and so was the food!

To Jennifer Milliman – Good to see you again.

To the GI extras – Thanks for keeping the place fun!

To Chris – I promise, I will never hire you. For anything. Ever.

To the gal who did my make up – Finally, someone who calls it real! Thanks!

To the gals who did my hair – “I had to put it up…It was so damn hot!”

Thanks to everyone that tried so hard to keep us from dying of heat stroke. I know you were hot too, but every bottle of water, and every umbrella, was really appreciated.

To the rain – Thank you!

I’ll post a few pictures soon. Keep checking back.

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  1. Right back atcha, Leslie. Chatting with you was a delightful distraction from the heat. And let me add my thanks to the many crew members who tried to keep us as comfortable as possible -- I bow to you all!