Thursday, August 24, 2006

Kimberly Pierce is a director who I would happily work for again. She is all business and doesn't mix it up. There was no ego, tantrums, or histrionics. Just very professional. She surrounds herself with equally dependant, professional people and a lot of them were hired locally!

To me that totally kicks ass!!


  1. i've enjoyed reading your posts about working on the 'untitled kimberly peirce' film.

    i'm a huge fan of kim peirce's first movie, and am really excited to see her next. i'd love to see any other 'behind the scenes' photos that you post to your blog (or stories).
    thanks again! :)

  2. Hey Clyde,
    I wish I wasn't so shy about taking pictures, but I feel they can be kinda intrusive while people are working on set. So I'm sorry to say, the pictures here are all I've got. As for stories, when I have a little more time I'll jot some down. Also, a friend of mine has been shooting a bar scene for UKPP last night and tonight. I'll ask him how it went.
    Thanks for stopping by,