Thursday, January 17, 2013

Barbra Streisand! (No I didn't see her.)

It’s the evening of our first day and after settling in, we take off for dinner. We end up in a packed bar and manage to find a table upstairs, that’s outside.  It’s incredibly cold, but the waitress assures us that it will be warm enough. Truthfully, I’m not too convinced the patio heater is going to keep me from getting frostbite.
Farrah joins us and says she just saw Barbra Streisand downstairs!  This seems really close, like I almost saw her myself. Like, if I had just been downstairs, across the street, walking in the opposite direction, I might have almost seen Barbra Streisand too!   I suddenly have that stupid daydream where I meet someone famous, and they ask me to hang out with them. You could practically see it play out in a little thought bubble above my head. Barbra likes my coat and asks me where I got it. I comment that her nails are stunning and perfect.  I lament that my boots are not that good at keeping out of the cold. She thinks they’re cute, but I should go with them to the Ugg gifting suite and pick out a few new pair. “Come on, Leslie (she calls me by my name!) we’re heading over there now! ... “ You get the idea.
But then the waitress comes with my beer, and I’m brought back to the reality that I’m sitting in the cold, squished around a table, eating greasy bar food. I still have no idea what is going on. Folks are talking about which films they’re going to see, how to get tickets, where the opening party is held, etc.  There’s a lot of film talk, but I still feel too overwhelmed to take it all in.

Time to hit the opening party. It’s at the ski base lodge.  As I mentioned earlier, I was just in Park City for a family vacation and the little coffee shop where the boys and hubby and I would go for hot coco, has been turned into a coat check room.  I’m suddenly overwhelmed with missing my boys. Then insecurity settles on me like a mantle. Everyone seems to know everyone else, and I don’t know anyone.   So I do what I always do when my comfort zone has left the building.  I become determined. I put on a smile, march into the room, pretend I belong, and no one is the wiser.

P.S. I love you Barbra Streisand, and if you want to hang out, I’m totally down with that!

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