Saturday, January 19, 2013

Black Metal Poster Day!! (Or Day 3 - Sundance)

Day 3 – Sundance

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m writing this after the fact and unfortunately, the details are already getting fuzzy. The thing about Sundance, is there is so much going on, it all starts to blur together.  I think this is the day I try to put up Black Metal Posters on Main Street.
Let’s be clear, there’s not a lot of free space in town. There are a few triangular kiosks, but they are strong armed by HBO poster thugs and everything on them are for HBO films. But I am here to promote BLACK METAL damn it!! and I won’t be intimidated by HBO! So I tape a few to the kiosk, and start walking all over hell’s half acre, looking for friendly spots to hang Black Metal posters.  
It’s not going too well. The only place seems to be those HBO dominated Kiosks.  Over at the bus depot, someone walking with his kids asks me for a poster. He loves the design. I tell them about the film, the Sundance/Youtube screening room and I give them and everyone else in the family a button. (Kids LOVE buttons!). I decide to give everyone with little kids a Black Metal button.
I walk some more. Where the heck is a place to hang a poster in this town?!
I spy a trash can a little off the main street. I don’t think I’m allowed to post there, but this is for Black Metal., The Heavy Metal, kick you in your face - break the rules short film!! I go for it and it looks perfect. I can’t believe how silly I can be over something as insignificant as this, but for some reason, it seems funny and I it gives me a little pep to my step. I head up street. There’s another kiosk. I’m asked again for a black metal poster. I hand out some buttons and cards. There is a person posing for photos - they look familiar, but I can’t place the face. (Not recognizing the celebrity - type celebrity sightings, seems to happen a lot with me).
By now, I’m pretty tired and head down to the Fender Music Lodge. I figure I can at least find a place to sit down. Everywhere is super crowded!.  As usual they don’t have me on the list, but I don’t care anymore and talk myself in. At least it’s warm. I meet a nice AP reporter and talk up Black Metal, but she’s there for the music scene. Once again, there is the celebrity posing for photos. Someone points me in the direction of the food, which is nice, but with everyone sick these days, I’m not too keen on eating from a place where lots of people have their hands. I order something hot to drink, I find a place to sit down and once again, pretend that I have a reason for being there.

It turns out that one of my good friends from Austin, Anika, has a cousin Shuggie, that’s in town, who’s a writer/producer from LA. We had been texting back and forth to get together, and we finally meet up. She is so wonderful and nice, and we end up going to the North Carolina Filmmakers party.  Turns out she’s here with her daughter, who’s an actress and singer in LA.  We have a super time.  Shuggie takes off to get ready for a late party and I meet up with Tay Tay Thompson to grab some dinner. 

O.K. this post is getting too long. Lets just say Tay and I meet back up with Shuggi/ her daughter and their group, and go to a huge swanky, sparkly, beautiful people LA type actor party.   Tay and I walk back to the condo, it’s late, it’s cold and we walk really quickly! 

btw: The trash can poster spot lasts almost two days!!! The kiosks lasted half a day each. I don't think the HBO poster thugs got to them though. From the way the tape was left but the posters were gone, I'm thinking most of them were snagged as souvenirs! :)

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