Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Getting it together and Not Quitting

-      Got the interviews put together for Victor Diaz of YNN, and the filmmakers/actors, heading to Sundance and Slamdance.
-       Picked up materials to hand out at Sundance for Black Metal (posters, buttons, cards).
-       Have the condo information, the shuttle information, the party calendar and film listings.
-       Just need to do is go home pack up the bag and spend time with my kiddo and spouse.

-       Most folks don’t know it, but I really hate to be away from my family. I love the time in the car when I get my 14 yr old from school and he tells me about his day.  A lot of parents don’t get that and I certainly don’t take it for granted. I’ll be gone for a week and already know I’m going to really miss him. I’m also worried about more stupid insecure things, like ending up a wallflower, or looking and/or  sounding stupid. Oh and lets not forget, everyone there is going to be young and have the world at their feet, while I’m old as earth crust and laboring on one short film after another.

-      Thinking about all of this has given me a huge panic attack and it occurs to me that I’ve lost my marbles to be going to this thing.  I’m feeling really insignificant.  But like everything else in life, I won’t quit. I’ll go because that’s what I do. I don’t quit. Ever. 

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