Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 4 - Exhausted

These are of Kat, Heather, Corey, Taylor, Lauren and Me, 
heading over to the a Sundance Black Metal screening!! 
(Debbie is in there too, but somehow I missed her.) 

Day 4 Sunday Jan 20th – Sundance
 Must get tickets! Tay, Lauren and I are up at 6:30am and in the ticket line at 7:20am. Forty minutes before the doors opens, and there is still one frickin guy in front of us. By 7:30am, the line is a good 40 feet behind us, and growing.  I get 4 tickets to Pit Stop (Hutch begged/promised to be my new best friend if I got a ticket for his Dad), Computer Chess, and Toy’s House.

For some reason I’m late to the Outfest Filmmakers luncheon. Once again, I’m not on the list, but I tell them I’m with Pit Stop and they happily let me in. I even get a picture on the red carpet.  I think it’s the only Sundance Red carpet picture where I’m not throwing a heavy metal sign, sticking my tongue out or shooting a bird (or all three).  I haven’t seen it though, so if you come across it, please send it over. J

More about the Outfest party -  Yen, Director of Pit Stop went up on stage and everyone was really proud of him. James Franco was there too. He was working the scruffy look. What I really loved, was seeing Marcus. We had a scene together in Pit Stop.  He’s such a wonderful/lovely person. I naturally gravitate to him.  He was terribly sorry about my scene being cut from the film. I can’t tell him how much I appreciate his sincerity, or I’ll get all chocked up. So instead I just tell him how great it is to see him.
Farah is there too. But let’s be real, Farah is everywhere. I don’t know how she does it. She always looks put together, is beautiful, chats with everyone and makes it look effortless. We go to get a bloody Mary.  I know I’m going to like this girl!

Afterwards is the Austin Film Society Party, that’s co sponsored by my office group Arts and Labor. The place is packed and so many of my friends from Texas are here; filmmakers, actors, DPs,  Producers etc., . but the timing is bad and quite a few of us need to take off for the Black Metal Screening.

At the theater, I interview Kat and Jonny for Lauren and I did it a lot like entertainment tonight.  I laugh now, thinking about it.
The screening went really well and again, I’m terribly proud of Kat and her film Black Metal.  We had a little post screening party which was fun, but then I ended up stuck outside in freezing temperatures and no way home. But I was with quite a few from my condo and Arts & Labor, so at least I as in good company!

I’m so done for the night!

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