Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sundance busy!

Suddenly everything is really busy. I don’t think I’ll get my actors reel done in time before I leave for Sundance, but I’m o.k. with it, (which should really tell me something).  I’m behind in post on my short film Static, and all of those hundreds of emails I sent out to press people, are coming back to me. My inbox is bursting!
It’s also occurred to me that I don’t have any snow boots and I’m concerned my 20year old winter coat, may not last the trip.
But I’m going to Sundance which means I’m going to ignore the things I really should be getting for my trip (long underwear and warm socks) and doing stuff that is completely unnecessary, like dying my hair purple and getting a black manicure.
For work though, I’m completely on it.  The reporters that came to the press junket (and those that couldn’t) are asking me for information about Black Metal and even films that I’m not a publicist for, but that’s totally cool. I’m very happy to connect the actors/filmmakers with the news folks.  There’s also one interview I’ve been trying to set up between Victor Diaz from YNN and the filmmakers/actors from the press junket and at certain times I feel like I’m trying to herd cats.  It’s going to work out but it’s going to take a lot more emails.
Fortunately, my producer, DJ Becker, has been working overtime to get our publicity material together for our short film Static.  I wish with all my heart she was coming. This is going to be an experience to be sure, but sometimes a little part of me imagines, very quietly, what this would all be like if it was our film Static, that was going too.

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