Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sundance, Day 7 – Out with a Cough

I sleep as late as possible.  We have a noon check out, with our (Kat, Lauren, Jonny, Robin, Corey and mine) flights, taking off around 8 tonight.  Fortunately we can store our luggage in the condo office.  Lauren is, as usual, editing, but we get hungry and head into town. I think Taylor is with us. At least I remember her saying she was getting a sore throat and swigging off of my cough syrup.  Anway, we end up at the AP luncheon and there is food everywhere and really fresh. Wow Veggies!! Some salad is put out on the buffet and I grab some immediately. It’s perfect with the hot tea and I love it! 

I notice I’m seeing a lot of the same people throughout the festival, and I wave or nod to them. I’m really good now at meeting new people and have no problem chatting with strangers.  Someone who’s seems to have recently masters the “Meet-and-Greet Sundance Technique,” comes and talks about his projects.  Lauren takes our picture, I have no idea why, but it is still one of the funniest pic of the festival.  I’ll have to get it for you.

Wish I had more energy.  I think I’ll head back to the condo office and hang out there until our shuttle ride comes at 5:30.

I see Debbie, as I head out of the party and stop to say hi.  I met her at the Press Junket I did back in Austin and we’ve had several occasions to hang out here in Sundance.  I’m really glad to see her, but can’t chat, because I’m just too tired!

I’m now back at the condo lobby and asleep on their couch. Taylor is going to stay a few more days before driving (!!!) back to Austin, so I load her up with some of my magic cough syrup. My talking now sounds like a mechanical voice box and I try not to say much.  For one reason, it makes me cough and another is it either incredibly funny or creepy to everyone else. I totally don’t want to laugh. I think if I laugh I’ll die. 

Delta didn’t screw up our flights back to Austin. Kat and I sleep all the way back we get in at midnight.  I’m in a codeine cough syrup, exhausted state of mind and fortunately, I don’t get mugged as I find my car in the long term parking lot.

I’m home. I climb into my own bed. It’s bliss.

Aside from pushing fluids, going to doctor appointments, getting a secondary lung infection, or being awakened by my neighbor’s dog, I sleep for almost two weeks.  I’m just now processing the whole Sundance experience.  

I'll post a overview soon :) 

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