Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sundance Photos

Kat and Kelly (and Lauren and myself) hanging out in the Detroit Airport.  
We are not feeling the love from Delta Airlines!!

We are in a strange funky underground airport teleportation hallway in the Detroit Airport. 
Lauren wears it well. 

It hits me that we are really at Sundance. OMG!!!

One of many Sundance parties.

Another Sundance party

Best Sundance Party Evah!! Vimeo was the best!!! 
(With Robin, Adam, Jonny and myself) 

Yes, Another Sundance Party
 (I think this is the North Carolina Filmmakers party)

The lovely Farah and me at the Outfest Luncheon.

Tay Tay seems kinda concerned. I don't blame her. 

Lauren, Taylor and me at the Korean Party. 

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