Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 2 Sundance

Here’s how it works. To get tickets to the films, you need to get in line at the Sundance headquarters, first thing in the morning, before they sell out.  Even with a badge, you can only purchase tickets for that day and the next. You can only buy 4 tickets for a screening, and no more than a total of 20 tickets at a time. Each ticket is $15.00, and you can’t get tickets for the film you represent.  I got a late start and by the time I got in line to get tickets, the line was out the door and everything was sold out. Yikes!
Note to self: Tomorrow - get up at 6:30am and get your ass to the ticket counter ASAP.

Then back on the bus. For anyone who’s going to Sundance, The buses are usually crowded and seem to go every which way, but it is also one of the best places to meet people.  Rarely did I get on a bus when I didn’t hand out a card for Black Metal or tell people about my own short film Static. A couple of times I even handed out my own card.

In the afternoon, I walked to main street, to check out a few places/parties. I hand out Black Metal cards. Lauren is shooting endless video. I mean she never stops shooting!  Because I’m writing this after I’ve gotten back to Austin, I think it’s Friday that Lauren shoots video of Jonny interviewing Kat and then Visa Versa. It’s super cute and people stop to watch what’s going on. I do my duty as Publicist and hand out post cards and tell people to check it out the film on Youtube, etc. etc. etc.

I do remember that nights’ Vimeo Party.  It was definitely the best party of the whole festival! The DJ was awesome and played a lot of old school remixed. Everyone was dancing.  Maybe it was the music, or because I had met some really nice filmmakers, or saw Alfred who is always so nice, or maybe I was just determined to have fun and didn’t give a damn anymore, but it felt like I had every right to be there, as much as anyone else.  I think I’ve figured this out. 

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