Thursday, January 17, 2013


Amazingly, we got to Salt Lake City and then to our condo in Park City. I have to tell you that this is incredibly weird for me, because it was only two weeks earlier, that I was out here with my family for a holiday ski trip. We had wonderful family time, skied our brains out, big family dinners, hot coco, crazy jumps into the hot tub, pajama movie nights, and everything wonderful.  So now, as we come into town, I’m thinking to myself , “Look there’s the grocery store that we shopped in. There’s ski base where we got candy apples and chocolate dipped marshmallow. We parked there and there and…”  now really miss my family!!
I try not to look homesick, as we drag our suitcases down the stairs, through the complex to our little condo.  Jonny and Robin are already there, and so is Corey. We met on the set of Black Metal, but I don’t think he remembers me.  That’s cool though. When I’m on set, I’m super focused and not the most social person.  Anyway, Kat and I dump our stuff in our room and all of us get ready to hike over to Sundance Headquarters for our badges. 
As we make our way there, it starts to sink in that I’m here at Sundance. The real Sundance Film Festival. OMG! We walk into the Sundance Headquarters in the Marriot, and I’m trying to be all business, because if I walk around like a dork, I’m sure I’ll be pegged for an imposter and sent home. So I try to walk the walk. We get our badges.  I try to look busy with the festival schedule. Again, nobody points me out. I think I can do this. I’m here on official business after all. But I still feel conspicuous. Maybe everybody else does too. I look over at Kat. She seems to know the routine and sees lots of people she knows. Lauren, who is documenting all of this for Arts and Labor is preoccupied shooting video. Jonny’s been here before and it totally cool with everything too. I look at my new Sundance badge and can’t believe I’m actually here.
Back at the condo, I’m trying to make sense of the film schedule, the party schedule and how the hell do I get to different places.
It’s like I’ve been shot out of a cannon. 

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